Beatrice Mitchell “Selling Your Business Post-Covid”

Beatrice Mitchell “Selling Your Business Post-Covid”

– The Private Equity Profits podcast with Seth Greene Episode 003

Beatrice Mitchell The guest is Beatrice Mitchell of Sperry Mitchell and company founded back in 1986. Today one of the oldest and most active independent m&a advisory firms in the United States. Beatrice is a Co-Founder and Managing Director of Sperry, Mitchell & Company, an investment banking boutique which specializes in arranging the sale or merger of private mid-market companies. She also co-owns Percival Scientific, a leading Iowa-based manufacturer of biological incubators and plant growth chambers.

  • Listen to this informative Private Equity Profits episode with Beatrice Mitchell about Selling Your Business Post-Covid.
  • • What differentiates Sperry Mitchell as an independent m&a advisory firm.
  • • What an ideal company to help negotiate a sell off exit looks like.
  • • The biggest difference between an entrepreneur and non entrepreneur.
  • • How COVID has impacted buying and selling strategies
  • • Lessons learned from challenges faced
  • • The book, The Complete Guide to Selling your Business
  • • How the current interest rate environment affects sellers coming to market.

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